Pelmet Wall hanging – Embroidered wall hanging with Gods, Flowers, Horses, Antelopes and Birds


A beautiful addition for a child’s room or elsewhere in the house or could also be used in a tent or marquee – a colourful exotic decoration for weddings and parties. This piece has fine and colourful silk embroidery depicting  Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu God of good fortune and happiness, Lakshmi the goddess of wealth sitting upon a lotus blossom and Lord Krishna, the flute playing Hindu god and protector of cows along with brightly coloured peacocks, antelope, horses, parrots and flowers. Two butter churners make divine butter for the gods and in addition there are Hindu symbols of peace.  Flowers adorn the top and bottom of the pelmet with embroidered mirror work and above an intricately stitched string of chilli peppers, finished off by a blue trim. 5 hanging loops. This piece is beautifully embroidered with very fine herringbone stitch throughout.  437cm x 37cm (172″ x 14.5″).  Good condition for its age. Some staining.

437cm x 37cm (172″ x 14.5″)

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