White On White Applique Bedspread – Organdie backed


A beautiful folk art textile created by the Barmer people of Rajasthan. This piece is made from two layers. The cotton top layer is cut away, hemmed and hand stitched to reveal the base layer which is made from snow white organdie. This would make a wonderful tablecloth, throw or curtain as well as a bedspread.

Cool 30c wash.

Please note: Sometimes the design of the appliqué bedspreads we have in stock may vary to the picture shown.

Available in

Single – 150 cm x 225 cm (59 inches x 88.58 inches)

Medium – 180 cm x 270 cm (70.9 inches x 106 inches)

Queen – 225 cm x 270 cm (88.6 inches x 106 inches)

King – 275 cm x 275 cm (108 inches x 108 inches)