Vintage Table Cover Or Wall Hanging With Suf Stitching


An exquisite vintage table cover or wall hanging intricately hand embroidered using ‘Suf’ stitch in vibrant multicoloured silk on off white cotton. ‘Suf’ work is a very skillfully executed style of embroidery,  where the threads on the backing are painstakingly counted and used to create very precise geometric patterns. In this piece the geometric pattern has been used to create a stylised representation of two double rows of ladies dancing. This is an exceptionally fine example in superb condition for its age. The stitching is in perfect condition with just a few very small stains that are hard to spot,  and do not detract from the overall visual impact of this rare piece. Made by people of the Kathi (Carpenter) community in Diplo village, Pakistan, c1950.

215cm x 125cm (84.6 inches x 49.2 inches)

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