Cotton Fabric 13 – Block printed with Small Single Palm Tree motif


5 colour hand blocked print on unbleached voile to give an exotic feel to your room, reminiscent of old colonial houses. Makes wonderful blinds and light floaty curtains. Alternatively, use a liner to create a heavier curtain whilst retaining a soft look.
Please note: We can always take orders for fabric if we don’t have enough in stock. Please contact Camilla for further details.

100% cotton. Machine washable.

Width 110 cms (43.5 inches)

1 metre = 1.09 yards

Please note – there is a thicker cotton version of the this fabric pattern called Cotton Fabric design 40

Product information:
Repeat size : 19.5cm/7.5” width; 13cm/5” length
Fabric weight: 57g/m
Size of palm motif – 10 x 13.5cm/4×5.25”


Requests for samples : we are happy to send up to five samples free of charge after which a charge of £2.00/sample will be incurred.

£16 per metre / £16 per yard

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