Short Kantha Jacket – X Large – Size 14/16 – Pale Blue with Mustard Yellow Flowers. Reverse Brown and Beige


X Large. Pale blue background with mustard yellow and white pattern. Reverse dark brown and beige pattern. Pale blue trim on cuffs, front opening, neck and hem. Nerhu collar. The garment is designed to be worn open with the cuffs turned back.
Kantha Jackets are made from recycled saris that are joined together by a running stitch called Kantha. Each piece is unique, with a different design and colours on each side. As the material is vintage, sometimes there are small blemishes and even the odd patch.

All jackets are 100% cotton and machine washable at 30c.

Chest 100 cm (39.25 ins) when closed. Sleeves 65 cm (25.5 ins) Shoulders 45 cm (17.5 ins) Length 65 cm (25.5 ins)

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