Kantha Waistcoat – Multicoloured panels. Reverse Blue on Beige


Multicoloured panels. Reverse back and side panels blue foliage design on beige and front panel multicoloured. These waistcoats have been designed so that they can be worn on the reverse side.

100% cotton. Machine washable.

Our Kantha waistcoats are made from quilts which were originally stitched together from saris, softened from wear and washing, to make a new fabric. This tradition originated in Bangladesh and Kantha refers to the running stitch rather than the piece. Each piece is unique, with a different design and colours on each side. As the material is vintage, sometimes there are small blemishes and even the odd patch.

XX Large – Chest 120cm (47″), Shoulder 46cm (18″), Length 77cm (30″)

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