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Kantha Throw – Salmon, Green and Purple. Reverse Pastel Colour


Stripes of salmon, pale and dark green, purple, brown, blue and off white. Dark grey border. Reverse pastel colours of yellow, off white, blue and green. This piece has been very finely and intricately stitched. 100% cotton. Machine washable.

Kantha is a traditional method of sewing together layers of cotton saris using a simple running stitch called ‘Kantha’. This age old method of recycling originated in Bangladesh and was an excellent way of creating quilts from pre-existing fabric. Each piece is completely unique with a different colour way and design on the reverse allowing a different look for your room depending on which side is shown.

As the material is vintage, sometimes there are small blemishes and even the odd patch.

192 cm x 122 cm (75.5 inches x 48 inches)

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