Embroidered Gujarati Cushion Cover – 45cm x 45cm – Ganesh the Elephant headed God of Good Fortune and Happiness with Krauncha, his pet mouse


Brightly coloured Gujarati cushion cover remade from vintage torans (wall hangings). This cushion cover features Ganesh, the elephant headed god of good fortune and happiness. If you look closely by his left shin you will see Krauncha, his pet mouse. The border features nine colourful flowers and foliage with Shisha mirror work as well as ropes of multicoloured chilli peppers – a symbol of good luck. This item is hand embroidered in silk yarn using close herringbone stitch and was probably made by the farming (Kanbi) communities of Saurashtra.

Unbleached cotton back and trim with envelope opening. Dry clean only.

As this is a vintage piece sometimes there may be discolouration or slight staining. Price is according to condition of item.

45cm x 45cm / 17.7 inches x 17.7 inches

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